Best Restoration Services provides safe and permanent mold removal with a 100% guarantee to pass the mold clearance test.
Mold Signs
Mold and mildew are a major cause of allergic symptoms which lead to serious health problems like asthma, emphysema and even death when inhaled, even in small amounts, over an extended period of time. In addition, mold and mildew can damage the structural integrity of your property. Best Restoration wants you to be aware of the signs of mold growth in your home. Be sure you are safe. Mold produces irritants, allergens and in many cases, potentially toxic substances this is where Best Restoration comes in. Our professional staff will remove all Mold Growth in your home including basements or crawl spaces. Mold removal is essential for a healthier, happier existence, and our teams are equipped to eliminate any presence of mold in your environment.

Sometimes it is not easy to see where mold originates from; it can appear without previous signs from:

· Plumbing leaks and flooding
· Damp basements and crawl spaces
· Shower & bath steam
· Humid environments
· Improper ventilation
· Water damaged walls & ceiling
· Wet carpets

If you believe you are allergic to mold and may be suffering from mold allergies, call us and let us rectify the situation. We will clean your home or office – no job is too large or too small.
We will ease your mold allergy symptoms.
Mold decontamination & removal by Best Restoration services.
Best Restoration answers the need for excellent air quality at work and at home, with over 30 Years of Mold remediation Experience. We provide complete & permanent mold remediation, cleanup and restoration services:
· Free visual inspection per your request.
· Perform mold tests, including swab and air samples.

Test samples are picked by our highly trained technicians and examined by an independent testing laboratory.
· Mold removal by performing mold abatement procedures using ‘green’ mold cleaning materials for a safe & permanent mold remediation.
· Fungicidal protective coating application to prevent future mold growth in treated area.
· Final mold spore test to verify complete remediation of mold problem.
Best Restoration provides a 100% guarantee to pass mold clearance tests that will be performed by a 3rd party laboratory, for all mold jobs! You don’t pay unless mold is 100% completely and definitely removed!
· Complete damage restoration for affected areas.

Best Restoration uses top-of-the-line equipment, such as air scrubbers and negative air machines, dehumidifiers, air blowers, air movers and more to rid your home of mold and mildew.

We guarantee 100% mold purification clearance pass – not even dead mold spores are detected once our process is done, unlike other cleaning methods in the market (heating, micro-mist and others which leave inert mold spores around).

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Immediate action is required on first sign of mold infestation.
Either health symptoms or spot on the wall – call us!