General instructions

What You Can Do Before We Arrive

In case of fire … Do

     Remove loose smoke particles from upholstery , drapery and carpet through blowing or bruch-vacuuming ventilate the affected area as much as possible remove all contents from refrigerator and freezer if power is off and keep doors open with rolled towels or newspapers


Wipe or wash walls ceilings or any absorbent surfaces use food items (even canned goods)that may have been exposed to extreme temperatures
Use any electrical appliances, including TV’s and stereos, until they’ve been cleaned and checked
Take smoke damaged garments to an ordinary dye-cleaner. Permanent stating of smoke and odor may result

In case of flood ..Do

1-Mop or blot up as much water as possible
2-Wipe down all wood furniture surfaces after removing lamps, knick-knacks and other items
3-Place wood blocks or aluminum foil under ary furniture legs resting an wet surfaces
4-Remove any art or other valuable objects to safe,unaffected area.


1-leave color or print items, like books and magazines, on wet carpetsor floors
2-Use your household vacuum for water removal,some wet/dry shop vacuums are acceptable,
3-but make sure your model is designed for water removal
4-Operate ceiling fixtures such as lights or fans if there is any indication your ceiling is wet
5-Use ANY electrical appliances while standing on a wet surface-electrocution may result